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The #1 Mental Health Education Provider Worldwide

Mindology Academy is the leading mental health educator that taps into the principles of
mind-mastery and spirituality.  

We are the Award-Winning Thought Leader in Mental Health Education providing the ultimate roadmap for results-driven, wellness programs globally.
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Are you ready for real solutions to...

  Manifest the abundant life God designed for you?        
  Solve problems at the root to stop them from repeating?
  Gain clarity and confidence in who you truly are?

An Increasing Need for Mental Health Solutions*

26.3 million
adults received mental
health services
1 in 5
adults experienced a mental illness
4.9 million
adults were unable to
access needed care

*2020 statistics reported by NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness)

Key Topics addressed in the Academy
Mental Health
Mental Wellness
Life Goals
The Truth About You
Rejuvenate your soul
Power Declarations
Quantum Science
Relationship With God
Purpose & Identity
Prosper on Purpose
Real Results

Join us LIVE inside the Academy... this May 2022! 

It will be Eye-Opening|
It will be Invigorating|
It will be Transformative

Overcome limitations in your mind and strengthen your relationship with self and God.

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Join the work of 20+ years of research to bring a fresh solution to your organization & millions of others who may be secretly suffering with their mental health.

Offer revelatory Quantum Mental Health learning to the members of your organization and increase employee morale, productivity and effectiveness.

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