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Your Life Will Never Be the Same!

Mindology Academy helps you deep dive into YOU in a way you have never done before to finally address the blind spots in your personal leadership. Improve your relationship with yourself, others, and God, and launch that purpose project that you dreamed of. Stop pretending everything is okay and discover how to remove the hidden frustration in your personal life and business!
Throughout this program you will discover how classical artists:

  • Learn how serving yourself = serving others MORE
  • Be valued and supported authentically
  • Become more confident in your own skin
  • Join women who support each other insted of being thretened by each other
  • Reconnect to your truth & live your true value
  • Monitize your value and avoid the superwomen burnout
  • Avoid being compromised for anything or anyoneImplement misunderstood divine principles
  • Gain clarity on misconceptions that create a false sense of success

Course Lessons

Chantelle Simone

Mindologist, Advisor, Guide
Chantelle is known for getting to the root of life and business problems in order to move forward with clarity and confidence.  With spiritual and scriptural wisdom, she ministers deliverance, inner healing, and guides women to discover their callings and assignments and also to reveal the root problem of their secret frustration, resistance, suffering and self-sabatoage. 

Course reviews

I'm at the point in my life now where where I am rediscovering myself and Mindology is allowing me to rediscover who i am as a woman of God.
Women's Minsitry Leader
Wow, my experience with Mindology has been absolutely remarkable. Every conversation we have is an education. I've learned so much, I love how Chantelle brings the mind and the spirit together as one.
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