Gain real results from your meditative moments, daily!

Mind Mirror

Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Rewire Your Mind, & Become Unstoppable!
The method that works for newbies and master meditators!

Imagine if you can…

  • Go beyond deep breathing & feeling relaxed by gaining solutions you can apply to your life immediately.

  • Gain pure clarity about your challenges to make life decisions confidently.

  • Experience the immediate benefits of meditating with the instructor interpreting what you are experiencing & why.

  • Have a deep connection to the source and the true intention for your existence.
This meditation formula is what thousands of individuals, just like you, are looking for to effectively renew their thinking and seek the truth of any matter.

Why?  Stop accepting less... live your life by design!

Explore What Your Life Could Be... 

Start practicing Mind Mirror Meditations to shift your thinking and your life!

Introducing, Mind Mirror Meditation

The Program includes:

4-Part Meditative Lessons

  • Learn effective strategies
  • Understand the why behind meditation
  • Exposes you to the truth about meditating
  • Cut through the industry jargon
  • Gain direction for your life
    Results in business, relationships, life purpose and more

Live Group Meditation Sessions

  • Gain access to live meditation sessions
  • Connect with other members
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Create social accountability by engaging in group sessions 

Weekly Q&A Sessions

  • Get answers to your mediation questions
  • Gain clarity on your deep experiences
  • Separate facts from fiction

  • Gain expert interpretation of your meditative experiences

And supporting resources to ensure your results!

Attention, This IS For You! 

Our 4-Part Mind Mirror Meditation Session is perfect for you...

Want to be a better you? 

You are a driven women who wants to be super-effective in your mission of serving others and yourself, don't you. We'll show you how. 

Are you a (low key) stressed business owner?

Many business owner and entrepreneurs, feel bogged down in the details of their work, alone in their decision making and  even have doubtful thoughts and anxiety. You're not alone.

Want to finally remove your emotional past?

Get rid of harmful past experiences, emotional trauma, and unhealthy thoughts that hold you back and keep you stuck in life. It's time to take that first step forward.

Want to live out the Mind of God for your life?

There is a deeper relationship we can have with ourselves and God. "For I know the plans, I have for you, plans to prosper you... " The question is, are we doing our plan or God's plan. 🤔 

So, Yes... If You Can Relate, This IS For You! 😉 

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Board Designated Training Institute
1 of less than 1000 NLP Trainers World Wide

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Chantelle Simone. An eternal optimist, chief problem solver, a believer in God, and a deliverer from mental captivity!

In my 20+ years of helping individuals connect to the God within, gain mental clarity, as well as develop an aligned, peaceable soul through meditations, I’ve come across so many meditative practices that didn't share HOW to properly meditate for RESULTS in our lives.

I decided to take my years of as a trainer, my meditation experience and my immense background in mental wellness and create a" HOW TO" system that will work for everyone. Even if:

  • You can’t sit for extended periods of time
  • You keep falling asleep during mediation (we all have done it... lol)
  • You have a billion commitments and can’t find time to meditate
  • Or you simply don’t know where to begin

I got you!

The Truth is...

Many people will never have true inner peace and achieve their personal, business, career, or relationship goals. Not because they’re not able to, but because they:

  • lack the mental capacity to refocus
  • are simply too distracted with, well, distractions
  • lack ability to silence their negative inner voices
  • put more attention on things that bring pain vs peace
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So if you don’t want to be part of this group, join the Mind Mirror Meditation!

The Mind Mirror Meditation is Your Solution!

Strengthen Your Mental Capacity

Sharpen Your

Deposit Positive
 Self Talk

Internal Peace

Chantelle Class series Vol 1:

The 4-Part
Mind Mirror Meditation


Discover the depths within (and actually how to get there😉)

Mind Mirror Meditation

Learn The Secrets of Mind Mirror Meditation
To Eliminate Negative Thoughts,
Rewire Your Mind,
& Become Unstoppable!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It...

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Wow, my experience with Mindology has been absolutely remarkable. Every conversation we have is an education. I've learned so much, I love how Chantelle brings the mind and the spirit together as one.And really, Mindology has this special formula that talks about spirituality while connecting and understanding the mind on a science level.    
I'm at the point in my life now where where I am rediscovering myself and Mindology is allowing me to rediscover who i am as a woman of God.

It has allowed me to recenter myself and Chantelle  has taught me how to meditate and really visualize more.
I would recommend this program because you really don't know what you don't know and the amount of awareness that you get is so transformative and just incredible.

You learn so much about yourself and your relationship with your maker on a spiritual level which really does affect how you impact the world through your work, business and relationships.
 Successful Entrepreneurs
be in Love with YOu
love & build family time
become Fully expressed
happiness At any age
real relationships

How much is this worth to you?

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Start 2022 Right Now, Knowing the Power of Manifestating Through Mediation!

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I’m Even Throwing In Some BONUSES For You!

 BONUS #1:
 5 Things That Cloud Your Mind     (Videos)
 ($500 Value)

There are certain ways of thinking you need to eliminate to keep your mind and head free from negative thoughts and ideas.This video series will help you learn how to rid your mind of any blockages preventing you from greatness.

10 Declarations To Rewire Your Thinking
($250 Value)

Declarations are powerful tools to put new files into your mental cabinet. Taking action today lets you get access to 10 effective declarations that’ll help you see an instant jump in how you think.

Keys To Meditation eBook & Workbook 
($350 Value)

This eBook has some practical actionable advice and hacks that will allow you to improve on how you meditate. As a plus, you’ll get a worksheet alongside the eBook to help you engage with what you’re learning.

A Special Prayer For Renewing Your Mind
($250 Value)

When it comes to meditation and getting results, it’s important to get every good force beyond us to help us achieve our goal. This prayer helps connect to the God within and without. Allow our angels to go to work for our good.

So, What's All Included?

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.
Your Program includes:

  • 4 Video Classes - The benefits to meditation (over 80min of deep knowledge) 
  • 4  Targeted Meditation session for (60 min of different methods) 
  • 2 Live Group Meditation Sessions where you also learn from the experiences of others
  • 4 Weekly Q&A Sessions to get all your questions answered and experiences interpreted 
  • Detailed Supporting Videos
  • Ultimate Distance Training
  • Personalized Assessments
  • Certification of completion for further advanced training requirements 
  • 4 Special Bonuses to unlock your mind and allow you to receive
  • Useful checklist to keep you on track during your regular practices even beyond the program
  • Specific worksheets to revel the discoveries made during your meditative practices 
  • Reference guide to other useful Mindology concepts to understand and develop your mental capabilities 
  • You get to meet other amazing professionals and a super cool instructor! 

Gain Access to the Knowledge Within You.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t afford to pay $497 right now, but I really need this?

Contact our office at or 424-328-1517. When there is a will, there is always a way.
With your pure intention to join, a door will open for you. So expect your solution to show up!

I do meditate, but not consistently. Is this program right for me?

It's perfect for you. Many "meditate" but don't know enough to solidify the practice for themselves. This program will be a real eye opener for you. You’ll want mediate all the time afterwards 😊

I’m not religious. Does this meditation program have any particular religious affiliation?

Great question. We definitely don’t get into religion. We do acknowledge that there is something greater than us in the spiritual world and reference that greater being to be called God. Meditation is spiritual, not religious.

What if I already have a consistent meditation practice?

You will be one of the greatest champions of this course! You will be taken to deeper levels that will greatly enhance your current meditation. You will also discover golden nuggets that you can apply immediately. Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Chantelle Simone, Mindologist

Mental Health & Wellness Expert
I specialize in the mind-spirit connection. Helping you release your mental clutter and realign you to the god within... so you can live with peace, fulfill your mission and leave your legacy.

 I’ve spent the last 20 years on a quest for the best tools and techniques that will allow us to realign our thinking to who God designed us to be. Through my five Master Certifications, life experiences, and the practice of listening to God’s voice within, I’ve been able to help ambitious women (and men) to quiet the chaos within and bring peace and alignment to their everyday life.

Over the years, I shared deep insights and secrets about what drives the mind towards success and failure.

Your Meditation Journey Starts Here!

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