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It is time that you know how to get the life you deserve. Break free of limitations,  experience true peace of mind and get waht you want!

You’ll discover fresh ways to approach your world  using Quantum NLP & Spiritual techniques in the most practical strategic ways to bring Victory in your Vision.

We share the essential steps on how to:

   (i) manifest the abundant life God designed;

   (ii) solve challenges at the root to STOP them from          repeating

   (iii) get life shifting results to restore us back to
         who we truly are.

Manifest Your Most Meaningful Life!

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Chantelle Simone, Mindologist

Mental Health & Wellness Expert
Award-Winning Thought Leader for Education
Specializing in the mind-spirit connection, Chantelle helps you release your mental clutter and realign you to the god within. She spent the last 20 years on a quest for the best tools and techniques that will allow us to realign our thinking to who God designed us to be. Through her five Master Certifications, life experiences, and the practice of listening to God’s voice within, she's been able to help ambitious women to quiet the chaos within and bring peace and alignment to their everyday life. She is passionate to see you live with peace, fulfill your mission and leave your legacy.
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Sharing Their Experience❤️

Chantelle, I feel like you are a super genius in going deep, I thought I had gone deep, but seriously it was a whole other level. It's been mind- blowingly transformative, I've learned  so much that has changed who I am as a person, working with my Mindology.

I'd recommend this to anybody who wants greater focus and enough laser sharp focus to really reach what they truly want to do in their lives.

I'm at the point in my life now where where I am rediscovering myself and Mindology is allowing me to rediscover who i am as a woman of God.

It has allowed me to recenter myself and Chantelle  has taught me how to meditate and really visualize more.

There's nothing like being in an environment consistently of powerful individuals that are working on themselves positively.

Here at Mindology we can control that okay and there's nothing that can stop you when you're in the midst of females that everyone is uplifting you. You have nowhere else to go but up!

~ Dr. Monica Andrews
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